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Blood Ray, you are not alone Mar. 28th, 2005 @ 06:34 pm

Well, my friends, I have jumped on the Blogger bandwagon.  This will be my last post here at Livejournal.  Please visit my new blog here.  Please make sure to update your bookmarks to diaryofabloodray.blogspot.com.  I'll leave this one up for archive purposes.  I hope you'll all visit me at my new home.

I guess it's spring, I didn't know Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 05:10 pm

Last night, after going, Tommy came back to my apartment where we watched movies, ate chips and salsa, and played Hangman.  We both did very well.  Both of us correctly guessed each puzzle presented by the other. 

I gave Tommy the following puzzle, and he guessed it without guessing any incorrect letters (and with only one "A"):


_ R _ D _ _ T

_ _ _ _ A _ A _


A few puzzles later, Tommy gave me this one.  I guessed one letter incorrectly at first (an "M"), but then got it with the following letters in place:

 L _ S _      _ _ _

   _ _ L _ _ _


These aren't household names.  They aren't even semi-household names. Even if you heard these names, most of you would have no idea who these actresses were.  I'll post them in a comment for those curious to see the answers.  If you were able to get them from the clues provided, you should be proud.  And a little scared.  

Blood Ray Mail Bag # 2 Mar. 25th, 2005 @ 02:51 am

A Mr. KinkBear420 writes:


#1 Is there anyone who knows you completely? Knows every one of your deepest darkest secrets and desires?  The two people who know me best are Shania and Tommy.  Each know things about me that the other doesn’t know, but neither know everything.   They were both at Freddie’s tonight, to witness me get all pissed by some weird guy who semi-accosted me.  He was rude to me earlier in the evening, and got all nuts on me when I was waiting for the bathroom, trying to grab my glasses off my face and calling me a bitch.  It was mad fun.  Except not.  I complained to someone I know who works there, but we got out of there right after.  I’m no slouch at bringing the crazy with me when I go out, but this guy was creepy.    And I was so bewildered when I left that I forgot to leave a tip.  And I tip well, so that’s what I’m most pissed off about.

#2 If no, do you think you could ever reach that point that you could trust someone and open up and tell them everything no matter what might happen?   I honestly don’t know.  It would be nice to find someone that I felt I could tell everything to, but I’ve done some loony shit in my day.  It’s always scary when you really open up to someone, because then you give them power.

Otherwise, if your answer was yes to question #1, a substitute #2 question: Your underwear preference? (For you or your partner.. you choose, just specify which one the answer is for.) Boxers, briefs, freeball, panties or other (please specify).    I used to love the boxer briefs, but when I lost weight, I found they never fit me right.  I generally wear bikinis or string bikinis.  I don’t have a preference for guys.  Briefs be nice, or boxer briefs, even tighty whiteys have their appeal.

Never in a million years would I go commando, though.   Never ever.  Not even to sleep.

#3 Since I don’t know you, never met you and don’t live in St. Louis metro area... What turns you on/you look for/you find attractive in another person? Physical/mental/all of it.    It varies.  I guess above all, I really want kindness, someone who is around my age.  Cute, intelligent, etc.  The scope of my taste is pretty vast, I guess.  It’s not an easy question to answer, and perhaps part of the reason why I’m still single.


A Ms RaeJ or Seattle, WA writes:


1) if you could fight any historical figure, living or dead, who would it be?  Everyone connected the monstrosity that is “The Christmas Shoes.” 

2) what is your quest?  Another good one.  Is inner peace too broad and cliché?  I’m still looking for something to show me that all of this isn’t for naught.  I just don’t know what I’m looking for anymore.

3) tennis? 
Like all sports, I find it amusing to play, but I am terrible at it.  I have no completive bone in me for sports, so I find it hard to get too worked up.


And finally, a fourth question from Billy:


4) what day are we going to have The Great Everything In The Store Gets Unfolded Night?  I’m ready whenever you are.

For Tommy, because I know how much he loves my haikus Mar. 24th, 2005 @ 05:37 pm
So very tired
Is this bender number two?
Longer post Friday

Water you talking about? Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 02:33 pm
On Thursday, my building's maintenance man stopped by to check out my sink. It seems that someone's sink was leaking into the apartment below mine. As it turns out, it was mine. He told me that my kitchen sink would be out of commission for a few days. It's an inconvenience, yes, but shit happens, and I tend to think that the minor annoyances I run into living here are mitigated by the fact that the rent is so fucking cheap.
I came home early from work today to find him working in my apartment. This, by all accounts, is a good thing, as it will get me closer to having a functioning kitchen again. I was also told that I'm going to be getting a whole new bath ... something (I forget what he called it). With shelves! This sounded pretty cool, too, particularly since I have been living in this apartment for almost a year and I have yet to get any sort of bathtub caddy.
The new bath "thing" that I'm getting, though, is pretty much an entirely new set of walls around the tub. I just peeked in there when the guy ran out to get more supplies, and all the walls around my tub have been taken down. You can actually stand in my bathroom and see into the kitchen, something I could not do this morning.
This frightens me a little bit. And I'm wondering if I'm going to have to take a shower elsewhere tonight.

UPDATE (3:20 pm) - I'm being told the kitchen sink will be done tonight and I should be able to use the shower tomorrow. Wow, could I be blogging about anything more boring?
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» Did you boys go crazy with an iron today?
Tommy suggested a few days ago that we buy iron-on letters and use them to put our favorite Rilo Kiley lyrics on t-shirts. I thought this was a smashing idea, and we went on a quest for the right letters and shirts yesterday. You can see our results here.  Please ignore my crazy eyes.
» Blood Ray Mail Bag #1

These questions were from Tommy:

1. What was the last meat product you ate? This was a while ago, probably six months or so? I was really hungover, and we were having a food day at work.  Someone had made dirty rice.  I knew there was sausage in it, but I thought perhaps the rice would be good for my stomach.  I tried to eat around the sausage as best I could, but apparently I didn't do it all that well, because I spent the remainder of the day sicker than I was when I got there.  On a side note, I was really craving meat last week (and that hasn't happened in quite a while), but I suspected maybe I wasn't getting enough iron.  I started taking a multi-vitamin, and the cravings went away.  Meat is murder, kids.  Cold blooded murder.  It does smell really tasty when it's cooked up right, though. 

 2. Who would you rather have sex with -- Danny Devito or Gene Wilder? My immediate instinct was Gene Wilder. 

3. If you were forced to remove one character from the entire run of the show "Friends," who would it be? (Try not to think about the logistics of that one.)   This one is really hard, and since I was informed it had to be one of the core six, I've been wringing my hands about it.  I guess it would have to be Ross.  He had the most wildly uneven character on the show and his character was directly tied to that goddamned monkey.

Shania's questions:

1.) You could play ANY role on stage or screen, who would it be?   Another really tough one.  I've thought about the male roles I love, the female roles I love; those on film, those on stage, and at this very moment, I'd probably have to lean towards Roxie Hart in Chicago.

2.) What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you but that you can laugh about now?  When I lived in NYC, I got called back for a production of Oedipus! The Musical.  It was a long day, and at one point I was outside smoking when another guy from the audition came out and started talking to me.  We chatted for quite a while, and I thought that he might be flirting with me (to this day, I still have trouble figuring out if someone is flirting with me or not).  At one point, he kind of pointed at my ear and said that it looked like I had some shampoo or shaving cream in it.  I went to rub it and looked down.  It was clear to both of us that it was neither shampoo nor shaving cream.  It was, in fact, a nice blob of ear wax.  Mortified, I tried to laugh it off and said, "I guess I didn't do too well cleaning my ears today."  He looked at the mess and at me and replied, "It looks like you haven't done too good of a job cleaning them in a while."    I almost answered with the speed dating fiasco of this summer, but I'm still not laughing too hard about that.

3.) What number (between 1-10) am I thinking of right now? 6

Billy's questions:

1)Where can I get a 10lb box of "body of Christ" for the Saints and Sinners party. Sams was all out and Im not sure Cheeze-its will do the trick.   Have you tried that Catholic Supply store at Hampton and Chippewa?  They may not sell them to you, though.  Do they have to be official?

2)The chair or lethal injection?  Lethal injection.  The chair is just fucking creepy. 

3)Naked wrestling in jello or pork and beans?  This is a tough one, as both have animal-derived products in them.  The Jell-o would probably be better, but if you threw down a vat of vegetarian baked beans, I'd be okay with that, too.

Anyone else?

» Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, what's on the heel?
Wednesday Night - Two dollar Margaritas, then Freddie's, The Complex and JJ's
Thursday Night - Freddie's
Friday Night - AMP, Freddie's, JJ's
Saturday day - Rock Star Rags, Culpepper's, Hobby Lobby, Target, Old Navy, Value Village
Tonight I will go over to Tommy's and then we'll head to AMP. If we're smart we'll stop there.

I am very tired. I must nap. It's much fun to go out and cause a ruckus, but my thirty-year old ass is exhausted.

I will begin answering the questions that have been posted tomorrow.
» I'm a lemming, too
"I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions - no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Really! I'll answer anything.

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends, enemies, and complete strangers :) (including me) to ask you anything. (If ya want lol) However, tactless questions will be tactfully unanswered [maybe]."

That was directly stolen from Gogo's blog, but yeah, go ahead. Ask away.
» Haiku #2
I hope you find peace
I have not found it yet, but
At least I'm pretty
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